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One of the most popular screeds used on Building sites, it can be delivered to site as a ready mixed product or batched on site with either our Baron 200 forced action mixer or Putzmeister M760 screed pump reducing costs and on site material wastage. Crack reducing fibres can be added to the mix reducing the risk of cracking when shrinkage occurs. Commonly supplied as 1:4 mix (1 part cement & 4 parts sharp sand) but can be mixed at 1:3 or 1:2 if a higher strength floor screed is required.

Minimum recommended thickness




Ronacrete 21 day overlay                                                                                        

This screed can receive foot traffic after 24 hours and floor coverings such as Vinyl, Tiles and Carpet after 21 days at a screed thickness of 75mm. It reaches a compressive strength of 35N/mm2 after 28 days.

Minimum recommended thickness

Knopp Accelerator 10                                                                                                 

Although this screed is recommended to wait 36 hours before being walked on it can receive coverings as early as 14 days and due to its increased flexibility it can be installed at a reduced thickness to most other screeds. After 28 days the screed will have a compressive strength of 25N/mm2.

Minimum recommended thickness



Mapei Topcem                                                                                                            

This is a special pre bagged polymer modified screed which can receive foot traffic after only 12 hours. It can be tiled on after 24 hours, receive natural stone after 2 days and wooden flooring after only 4 days. After only 7 days it will reach 22N/mm2 and 35N/mm2 after 28 days.

Minimum recommended thickness

Ardex A35                                                                                                                 

This rapid drying cement can be supplied as either 1:4 or 1:5 depending on your site requirements but due to its accelerated drying properties it can only be batched in our forced action mixer and is not recommended to use with a screed pump. It can be walked on after only 3 hours, and receive floor coverings after only 24 hours. It reaches a compressive strength of 40N/mm2 after 28 days.

Minimum recommended thickness




Normally used in areas that require more strength than traditional sand & cement screeds, it is made by adjusting the mix ratio by adding either 10mm aggregates or 6mm granite chippings. The ratio is roughly  1:3:1 (reducing sharp sand and adding aggregates in place). 

Minimum recommended thickness





Ronacrete Ronafix SBR                                                                                           

This polymer modified wearing screed reaches an abrasion resistance of AR2 medium duty and is generally used in workshops, warehouses and garages. It can be walked on after 24 hours, and receive floor coverings after 10 days at a screed thickness of 50mm.

Minimum recommended thickness  (max. 50mm)

Isocrete Isopol SBR                                                                                                     

Also acheiving an abrasion resistance of AR2  medium duty, this screed is able to be installed over 50mm in a single application . It can also be walked on after 24 hours, and receive floor coverings approximatly 10 days. After 28 days this screed will reach a compressive strength of 45N/mm2.

Minimum recommended thickness





When Lytag aggregates are used in appropriate screed systems, weights will be reduced by around 50% over normal sand: cement screeds of the same thickness.There is no limitations for the thickness of the  base coat enabling levels or falls to be formed more easily. This product is fast drying due to the passage of air through the no-fines base coat and thinner topcoats, typically 15mm.Ideal for Roof screeds or weight limitation areas, it is low shrinkage so large bays can be cast in one operation.

Minimum recommended thickness (including 15mm topping)



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